Cities change a lot during Semana Santa. Everybody is in the streets and you can take a lot of awesome pictures.

Most of you will take photos with a smartphone so there are my tips to be a pro with it.

1. Find the spot
Never use your camera zoom. If you must get closer to make the photo, do it.

2. Block the Autofocus
When you have the set fot the picture, block the AF and want the perfect momento for the shoot. You camera will be faster.

3. Find a good support
We all hate the moment when you realise that your picture is out of focus… Use your body as a tripod.

4. Change the perspectives
With your smartphone you’re free to move the cameraup. down, on the sides… Just be creative!

5. Filters
I’m using an app called Avairy, really usefull. Before uploading the picture, take time to apply some filters to give them a personal touch.

6. Not without my battery charger
Unless you’re tired to make pictures, bring your battery charger!!



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