My smartphone and I make one… Checking mails, calls, texting, take a picture, I always have my phone in one hand… And I’m not the only one, I know it!

Being always with my phone produce me new needs in my way of life:

1. Extra Battery Case

The most important! Before I just always was looking for a plug where to charge my phone, but know I can pass the day using my phone without wondering when I have to charge it.


2. Fisheye lens for iphone




I bought it few years ago in Madrid, it’s a clip with three different lenses for the camera of your phone.
It’s a very funny gadget for the phone and it works!

3. Selfie Stick

Fine, fine… I already know what you’re going to say but you’re wrong!! The Selfie Stick is just great!! I love this gadget ;)

4. Waterproof case


The day you fall in the sea or a pool with your phone in your pocket, you’ll ask you why you didn’t buy this case before XD
It’s a must…

5. Extra Flash


This is my last purchase… And I’m quite proud of it!! You jus t plug this gadget on your phone for an extra flash, more light and more quality on the picture.

Do you have another gadget I should buy?




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