Actually if you’re not a profesional, you can easily travel with your phone and be able to make amazing pics. With this list, you’ll find all you need to retouch images.

1. Polarr
Easy to use on tablet or Pc you can modify from the contrast to the light of the picture.

2. Photosynth
I’m love with this App. Useful for panoramics and 360º views.

3. Instagram
A social app where you can apply a lot of different filters and upload of your page to share with friends and instagramers

4. Camera Plus
It simulate de High Dynamic Range (HDR). It will take 3 pictures of the same image to manage the lights.

5.Pic Monkey
Perfect for create fancy collage of the trips.

But just remmeber that you don’t to go everywhere with your phone and sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment.



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