Traveling, yes but with my pets!!

You don’t want to travel without your pets? Check out my tips to travel with them.

The most important is that you must to contact the airline beacause each one have their own politics.

Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your tickets and always notify that you’re travelling with pets.
The vaccination record of the animal must be updated and the pet wear microship in compliance with the european norms.
And remember everything is much longer with animals, so go to the airport with time.

These norms are for Iberia:
In the Hold: First don’t worry because there’s a pressurized hold for transporting live animals inside. The cage of the pet must fulfil some international norms about resistance, special locks, comfort atc..

The charge are:
Europe, Africa, Middle East: 120€
America and Angola: 300€
In the Cabin:
you can carry your pet in the cabin if they’re smaller than 8kg.
The dimensions of the cage can be: 45cmx35cmx25cm Max.

The carger are lower:
Spain: 25€
Europe, Africa, Middle East: 50€
America and Angola: 150€

But this is an approx from Iberia, please call the airlines before travelling to be sure to get everything under control before the flight.



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