164 testers and thousands of miles were needed to choose the best backpacks 2015.

They’re two different categories according to the trip you’re going to do…

Day Packs:

BP0415PACK_MontaneHabu22_750x400Montane Habu 22
BP0415_PACK_ColumbiaTrailPursuit30_gn                     Columbia Trail Pursuit 30LBP0415PACK_SalomonSLabXAlp20_750x400Salomon S-Lab X Alp 20


BP0415PACK_OspreyAtmosAG_750x400Osprey Atmos AG/Aura AGBP0415PACK_TNF_Cobra60_750x400The North Face Cobra 60BP0415PACK_FjallravenKalpak58_750x400Fjällräven Kaipak 58

Follow these best tips to prepare your bag the best way:

Pack smart. To achieve the best balance and load transfer, place heavy, dense items like water close to your spine and centered in the pack.

Be realistic. Don’t buy a pack bigger than you actually need “just in case.”

Readjust on the trail. Fit your pack at home but refine it as you hike.



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