We all have heard about the new toy of Apple… They’re jumping on the war of the wearables, smartwatches.

If you’re a technology dummy, let me explain you. ;)

The iWatch is the an iPhone-compatible smartwatch. It let you read emails, summon Siri, makes calls and track your heart rate.  You’ll also get social networks notifications. It’s awesome!! You’ll have everything on your wrist.

You can choose between 2 differents models, one with a bigger screen than the other and various kinds of fancy straps.

Actually, it’s true that it’s a little bit expensive and within everyone’s reach but let look further in the future… The iWatch will make “easier” our lifes. For example, store our flights tickets, open our hotel rooms, pay with it…  The technology opens the door to new possibilities!!

This is a small video for a better understanding.

Are you going to buy it? I will!!



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