Ibiza has two different lives depending on if your a tourist or a local. Two different interesting points of view that you should know about.

On one hand, we may know Ibiza like a world wide reference in electronic music  where all the Vip Stars spend their holidays and tourists have party as tough there were no tomorrow.  A period  where the best hotels like the Hard Rock Hotel, Ushuaïa Beach Hotel or Grand Palladium Hotels & Resorts open their doors to provide the best service during holidays.
Seize this period to enjoy the sun, parties, restaurants, bars and have fun with friends.

A Must, at least once in you life.

On the other hand, another less famous Ibiza exist… Have you ever wondered what happens to the island after the closing parties? Tourists disappear, no jam, beaches are empty and the island breath again. I’m not telling you to come in January but try in Septembre. The weather’s still good, all the bars are open but most of the tourists are gone and Ibiza is wonderful.

But at the end, no matter the dates, if you’re looking for peace in high season I recommend you places las Sa Talaia and if you’re here for party, Ibiza is definitely your place.

Check out this movie about Ibiza, the dreamed island.



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