Details make the difference, that’s why i’m going to give you some tips to turn into a perfect traveler with only 5 gadgets.

And will omit the USB portable power supply because I actually can’t imagine you don’t already have one.

1.  Portable alarm

Sometimes, we sleep in strange places. With this small gadgets yo can sleep with no fear because if someone tries to open the door, a alarm will whistle.

2. All-In-One Utility Charger


The perfect solution to charge any king of electronic device.

3. GPS Key-Ring

Just tie this small “pill” to any object you want to track. You’ll be able to follow it from your smartphone, and you can also activate an alarm if you leave it behind you.

4. Digital Luggage Scale


No more surprises and overloading at the airport with your luggage. Just check-in knowing the weight. Fantastic!

5. Water bacteria remover


Basically, it turns water into drinking water. The company guarantee she’s able to remove 99.9% bacterias, virus from the water.



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