I’m back from a wonderful trip to Jamaica and I must talk you about something… I went to visit my friend María and she took me to a place where my senses gave way: The Dunn’s River Falls.

You can’t miss it for the world.  Dunn River Falls is a natural touristic spot, product of mother earth, with its own self-healing process.

I stayed at Gran Palladium Jamaica Spa & Resorts, Montego Bay and we organized the trip from there.

The adventure starts on a wonderful with sand beach (5km from “Ocho Rios”) where the Dunn’s River flows into it. From the seashore you can see how tourists try to climb guided by a professional. It seems easy but you must be careful to don’t slip off.

While you’re climbing between the rocks and the cold water, the jungle is just surrounds you and the experience is unique. There’re natural pool to rest on the way…

The surprise were that on the top, there’s a sign congratulating you for the effort and you can even buy a t-shirt.

Few Tips:

Tip #1: AScend with someone you can support you if help is needed. You can also climb alone on your own risk.

Tip #2: Rent anti-slip shoes. It’s not expensive and everything will be much easier.

Tip #3: Don’t put sun lotion on your hands all day before climbing, you’ll hold on the rocks better.

Just do the Falls, it’s unique.

Hope to back really soon.



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