Holidays are made to rest and disconnect from our daily routine, isn’t it?

However, one of our essential need when we’re looking for a place to stay is to have Internet… This fact may not surprise you, but actually our first need should be the comfort of the beds for example or the quality of their spa.

A new concept is rising up: The Digital Detox

I don’t know if you noticed it but I’ve been disconnected  for a week… Nothing serious, I went to a Digital Detox Camp for adults.

The rules are easy: no work-talk, no internet, no phones, no clocks, no networking and no boss.

During your stay you’ll meet new people whom are looking the same then you, ready to reconnect with people and with Earth. There are a lot cool activities to do like yoga, hiking, swimming, art, it’s really really fun, you must try it.

What has changed for me?
Well basicaly, I reconnect myself, and when I hang up with friends I’m less attentive to my phone. I surf on the web just to find what i’m looking for and spend less time to look what others are doing.

Since now from then I switch off my phone on week-ends!!



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