I’m going to Riviera Maya and I was checking spots to visit and realized that i’m going straight to paradise!!

One of my objective is to rest y disconnect and I booked in The Royal Suites Yucatan by Palladium, however I think I’m not going to rest with all I must visit…

Riviera Maya coast offers you a lot of unique natural experiences:

1. Chichen Itzá

Old Maya civilization Ruins are all around. It’s one of the seven wonders of the world by the UNESCO in Yucatan. It is told you can feel the strength of Mayas Culture next to these pyramids – built to be closer to the Gods.

2. Tulum


The picture speaks for itself, it’s just wonderful. It was a strategic place for the Mayas to announce the seasons. Tulum is next to one of the most important sea turtles natural reserve in the world.

3. Cenote Il-Kil


The “cenotes” are freshwater ponds 40 meters deep and they provide water to underground rivers, a gift from mother earth. I can’t miss this place!

4. Bahía Akumal


Located in front of the biggest reef in the world. It’s one of the best place to put your head underwater, snorkeling with turtles!

5. Isla Mujeres


I little piece of paradise in front of Cancun, another magical place where to snorkel. There’s also a beautiful fishing village to visit, a great place to enjoy sunsets.

Can’t wait to travel!! Have you ever been there?



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