I want to dedicate today’s post to one of the most popular traditions in Brazil!

Have you ever seen anyone coming back from a holiday in the country with knotted colored ribbons on their wrists?

“The Bonfim ribbon”, which has recently become very popular among visitors, is a typical Catholic amulet of Salvador, the capital of the Brazilian state of Bahia.

You can get the ribbons anywhere in the city, specially in the Church of Our Lord of Bonfim

- Which is a must go if you visit the city of Salvador!

Visitors bind the ties to the gate of the church as an offering to the Gods by knotting it three times and making one wish for each of the knots. The color of the ties determines the kind of desire.

WHITE: It repels negative energies and promotes positive vibes. It also means peace, wisdom, calm, innocence and purity.

RED: It’s the color of passion and feelings. It symbolizes love, desire, power, strength and energy.

GREEN: It reflects vigor, youth, freshness and hope. It represents the energy of nature.

DARK GREEN: Is associated with masculinity and symbolizes virility.

YELLOW: Used to attract money and wealth. It’s associated with prosperity and optimism.

ORANGE: It helps to achieve personal and professional goals. It symbolizes movement and spontaneity.

BLUE: It implies security, tranquility, harmony and health. It is the color of heaven, the spirit and the mind. It symbolizes loyalty, fidelity, personality and subtlety.

DARK PINK: It’s used to achieve happiness in love. It means beauty, health, sensuality and romance.

LIGHT PINK: It’s associated with femininity. It indicates tenderness, gentleness, affection and love.

Tip: When you get to the church, you will find an overwhelming number of people trying to sell you ribbons and amulets at ‘high’ prices. Take your time to look around before deciding what to buy and negotiating the price!



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