Italy is one of those places, you can never get enough of, and the island of Sicily represents the most traditional side of the country. Surrounded by three different seas of transparent water, bushy mountains and volcanos, you’ll feel in paradise.

 The cultural heritage of the place is also impressive and throughout time, the island has inspired numerous films:


It’s directed by Giuseppe Tornatore and it stars Monica Bellucci. It was filmed in a tiny town and it’s based on the woman’s life stories.



Il Postino

It shows the story of a young postman who delivers letters and becomes friend with Pablo Neruda – a Spanish writer in exile.

el cartero


Il Ladro di Bambini

The movie, directed by Gianni Amelio, is a chronic of a policeman’s journey to escort two kids to an orphanage in Sicily. Due to administrative issues, the job becomes complicated and the man ends up being accused of kidnapping the children.

niñso robados


Cinema Paradiso

It was directed by Giuseppe Tornatore and it’s widely referred to as one of the best Italian films ever. The script, partly autobiographic, takes place in Sicily, and it tells the story of a young film director.

cinema paradiso




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