Mexico is one special country with many beautiful spots. One of them is Playa Escondida (or Hidden Beach) on Islas Marietas.

 A few months ago, I visited Riviera Nayarit – I stayed at The Royal Suites Punta de Mita by Palladium. During the trip, I visited Playa Escondida, a unique place which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

 The biggest particularity of this beach is that is hidden behind a wall of rock which protects it from waves and the wind. Crystal-clear water and huge vegetation will make you feel in paradise!

Hidden beach in México -

Hidden beach in México –

 The colorful wildlife is so diverse that sport lovers will find it an ideal spot for snorkeling or scuba diving – protected bird species, dolphins and humpback whales can be seen from the beach.

 What do you think? Would you like to visit Playa Escondida at some point? If you do, note that it can only be accessed by sea, so you’ll have to either swim or find a boat.




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