Being a pilot I’m a pro in smart traveling: packing light and having a restful flight. But when I became a dad it became that much harder to enjoy smooth flights. During this time, I’ve compiled a list of tricks that will make traveling with kids easier.

-Take your documentation with you.

Citizens of the EU can fly within the European zone using their ID card, but if you’re travelling to a different part of the world, having your passport is a must. Remember that the same rules apply for kids and that it’s always a good idea to visit your GP in case specific vaccinations are advised.

-Comfort is key for a happy trip, so do your research before leaving home.

Kids are tiny creatures that can’t remain still for long, for this reason it’s advisable to book them their own seat. Fares and discounts for the little ones are available on demand from the airline. It is also a good idea to book the front row, since it offers more space and will stop children from running up and down the plane.

-Bring drinks and snacks into the plane.

Takeoff and landing are the most annoying parts of the flight because of the pressure in the cabin that will most likely hurt the ears. An easy way to avoid that pain is to chew food – it will distract the kids making the situation less stressful.

-Bring in the fun!

Your holidays start the moment you board the plane, so why not enjoy it from minute one? Flights are the perfect opportunity to build bonds, so organize games and activities for the whole family. If the duration of the journey worries you, take toys or books to keep your child entertained.


Traveling is one of the best experiences you can give to your kids, so plan the trip in advance to make it as enjoyable as possible for everyone!



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