Traveling is the best way to explore new places, but there’s no doubt there are other options. Movies are, in fact, offer you an opportunity to learn more about different cultures and lifestyles.

 Some of the films that have made me feel like I was actually on the country include:

Into the Wild tells the story of a young man who decides to drop out of college and pursue his dreams by traveling to Alaska.

Eat Pray Love follows Liz (Julia Roberts) on her trip around the world. The girl, who has left her old life behind, explores the way in which food, religion and love play a role in our life.

The Art of Travel portrays the adventures of a man who, after finding out her girlfriend has cheated on him, decides to cancel his wedding. As a result, he ends up going to his honeymoon in South America by himself.

Seven years in Tibet, which is based on a book, is a chronicle of an American citizen who is captured in India. After managing to escape to Tibet, he learns how to adapt to the local way of life and discovers the oppression of China against the tibetan people.

The Way tells the stories of people who decide to go on pilgrimage and hike El Camino de Santiago. The movie explores each one’s personal problems and their reason to come to the north of Spain.



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