The Caribbean is now one of the world’s leading holiday destinations. It offers big touristic attractions as well as secret locations -away from urban areas and ideal for those looking for a relaxing trip.

Some time ago, I had the chance to travel to Jamaica, where I found one of my favorite places: Doctor’s Cave. This beach is situated in Montego Bay and should be in the top list of anyone visiting the country.

As some locals told me, the area was originally owned by Doctor McCatty, who built a surgery in 1880. He used to let his friends, other doctors mostly, go for dips on the beach that was accessed through the cave. In 1906, he donated the land to the local community, that created a bathing club.

When in 1920 the British Osteopath wrote an article about Doctor’s Cave and its healing water, it became one of the most popular beaches of the island.


Doctor’s Cave beach in Jamaica –

Doctor’s Cave is conveniently located close to the hotel area, including my accommodation during the trip, The Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa.

Have you found any hidden locations worth-sharing yet?





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