Not everything about summer is positive, eating out and changing our schedule alters our routine. We don’t spend as much time maintaining healthy habits, and all of those things have an effect on our body.

 High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT has helped me to get back on track. It consists on a 30 minute workout that increases endurance and fitness levels.

 The session combines two types of exercises: ‘’ALL OUT’, that require a 90% effort , and lower-intensity ones, that only require a 50% effort. There’s no need for fancy equipment – HIIT can be used in any discipline, including swimming or biking.

 Unlike the popular LISS (Low Intensity Steady State), HIIT is ideal at burning calories in short amounts of time. Therefore, getting rid of that extra body fat becomes easier than ever before.

 Benefits include a shorter workout, increased lung capacity, fat burning, and prevention from cardiovascular diseases.

 An app to keep track of times during intervals is available on the Apple Appstore (‘Interval time-timing for HIIT training and workouts’), but there are also options for Android users.

 Would you be willing to give HIIT a go?



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