If you’re like me, always travelling with your camera… I would like to share with you 5 tips of how to make better pictures while travelling all around the globe.

1. Automatic Mode
If you use your camera in Automatic Mode, they will see you as a beginner… It’s true but sometimes you don’t have time to configure your picture and you must shoot. Believe in your camera and let it go.

2. Look for balance
When you want to shoot the sunset or city lights… My recommendation is to use low ISO, reduce the shutter speed y look for balance with the floor or a tripod. And if you can, use a remote trigger.

3. External Flash
By night, or indoor places your camera will appreciate an external flash. But don’t use it directly, just make it bounce against walls. The flash will stabilize your picture.

4. Play with shutter speed
If you want to shoot rives, waterfalls and make the traditional effect of water moves, or maybe try to catch  lightning bolt. Reduce the shutter speed so all the moves will be registered 

5. Conclude in Lightroom
And finally, finish the pictures always with a small treatment of Lightroom software. You’ll see that the quality of your pics will increase a lot.



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