2015 is ending, and I’m thinking about my new trips for 2016. What are the new trends, where to go, how?

Of course, trends depend on the kind of traveler you are… Well ,in my case I love to travel to resorts for rest like the  Grand Palladium Resorts & Spa  but I also have my other side, the Indiana Jones side with my bag on my shoulders.

I think that we can organize the new trends in 4 categories:

1. Cities and Beach
The perfect mix, travelers choose 2 destinations, with 2 different atmospheres. First visiting a big city with all the local culture and after relax at the beach.

2. Paradise Isle
These destinations are always temptations… Caribbean, Hawaii, Maldives or Ibiza. Not all travelers can go there but we’ll all finish there.

3. Adventures
For adventurous, travel lovers, backpackers and a low budget. Normally the trip starts with a friend in a bar like:
- Hey, let’s go somewhere…
- I don’t know, where?
- India
- Let’s go!
And few months later, you’re in a plane with your best friend on the way one of an unbelievable trip.

4. Express Trip in Europe
These last category es very common. These kind of trips is for workers, they travel on week ends to cities with online promotions and special trips.

Check out this movie, I really love it:



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