I know how difficult is to travel with babies. That’s why I would like to give you my tips to do it the best way.

Follow my tips:

  • Plan everything (reservations, tours etc…) to avoid any kind of stress besides the baby.
  • If you travel for more than 20 days, let me suggest you to not visit more than 3 places. You’ll get back from your holidays more tired then when you started.
  • Always choose countries with a good health care and equip yourself with a first-aid kit. Just in case…
  • Don’t make any trip more than 6 hours, and if you do it plan everything to get in the plane with the baby tired.
  • Avoid countries where you’ll have troubles to speak the same language, everything will be much more easier.
  • Finally, travel from south to north or viceversa, so you won’t have jet lag.
  • In the planes, babies can’t balance their ears, and they’re used to cry… To help them, buy some soft candies to make them chew.




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