Imbassaí, a beautiful place where to stay!

I’m thinking about travelling 7 days to Imbassaí in Brazil…. Can’t wait!

I’ve prepare 5 things I really want to do during my stay:

1. Be with Turtles
The best moment of the year is between October and March. In February is when the turtles  are hatched. they surface on the beach during the day or night and try to get to the Ocean.
2. Surf
One of my fav sports… The satisfaction to ride a wave. the perfect harmony with the water, the best! If you want to learn, i’m sure your hotel have actvities to teach how to surf.

3. Spend 1 day in Praia Do Forte
You just have to look a the picture… Who can resist to this? You can snorkel around, read a book relaxing in the sand or just do nothing. In addition, the spot is really cool if you want to have some drinks by night.
4. Discover the mouth of Imbassaí River
It’s really a unique place in the “Bahía”, you’ll find natural pools next to the sea. You can organize a day tour to get there but I recommend you to go by your own.

5. Relax en Enjoy the Grand Palladium Imbassaí Resort & Spa
Best for last… If you don’t already know this resort, it’s time for you to do it. 100% recommended! Everything is set to make happy the guests and the service is awesome. I’m a big fan of Palladium Hotel Group, this is the link if you want to book with them: click here.

praia 9


I really hope you can get there to enjoy this little piece of paradise to escape the cold winter.




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