There are a lot of ways to travel around te world: with friends, family, alone… Booking with agencies or doing it by your own. But at the end the intentions are the same, you travel to explore and to learn about new cultures, different ways of life.

This are my 3 essential tips to optimize your experience in another country.

1. Read a lot about the destination and security for tourists.
So you’ll know how to deal with local people, understand their way of life, know the needs they have and how the perceive tourists in their country.

2. Good manners and respect, always.
It’s one of the most important key if you want to learn about new cultures. Actually, for sure you won’t share the same lifestyle than them but remmeber that you can’t change anything. Local people are used to live how you see them, it’s part of their culture and habits. Just open your eyes and respect even if you don’t agree with it.

3. Get out, talk and ask to locals.
It’s almost imposible to approach a new culture if you don’t meet people and exchange experiences. It’s mucho more easier  to speak with other tourists just like you. Don’t worry, you will do it unintentionally but you won’t find the spirit of the country talking with them.

Doesn’t matter if you travel in rich or poor countries, in Europe or halfway around the globe. I think that these 3 tips are just the 3 most important rules you must follow if you want to discover new cultures and see it by your own eyes.

You’re a travel, just as me. Do you think there’s another essential key when you travel?




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