Visiting Riviera Maya is a dream, located in the south of Mejico, it’s a paradise. You’ll find a lot of culture, nature and very kind people.

I’ve been in the underground rivers, it’s amazing and Rio Secreto is just a different experience. Ask Grand Palladium Riviera Resort & Spa, they’ll help you to plan your trip.

Before getting in Rio Secreto you must walk into the deep forest. It’s a little bit dangerous but the guides will give you all the equipement you need to make this experience unique.


First, you’ll have to descend a dark path and the only light you have is the one on your helmet. I was speechless, it’s like getting in a new world.

Walking between thousand-years stalactits and stalagmites, listenning to the sounds of the water and your steps is amazing! The guide provides you all the information during mainwhile you’re walking to the heart of the Planet.


I highly recommend you this one day trip, you’ll love it!



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