We’ve entered in 2016 and these are the gadgets i’m going to look at!

1. HoverBoards
It’s real, the toy we ever wanted is now part of our lifes, you can buy the skateboard of Marty McFly. It’s a shame because few of us will be able to pay it: 10.000€.

2. Faraday Porteur
Instead, this urban bike is really nice and much more affortable ;) Love it’s french touch, i nice gift!

3. Apple iWatch
We’re not used to have wearables but at the end of 2016 most of us will have one. This year is full of innovation and technology.

4. Epson Ecotank
Printers are changing. Epson will sell a printer with a 2years unique cartridges. You’ll save more than 70% of your budget on printing.

5. Bowers & Wilkins T7
If you’re a music lover, you’re going to love this brand. Music is just amazng when it sounds trough Bowers & Wilkins. It’s price is over 350€.




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