Jamaica has the biggest fields of all the Caribbean. Rose Hall is probably one of the biggest one. It’s also a house called calendar house with 365 windows (days of the year), 52 doors (weeks in a year), 12 rooms (12 months of the year).

When you get in, a really big energy of its history envolved you to the century XVIII, it’s a little creepy.

This house is famous because of a legend about the white witch. I love this kind of misteries, I asked the guide to talk us about all kind of strange stories that happens in this house.

As all good stories, we have to travel back in time to the century XVIII to find strange stories.
This house were build by George Ash as an ovation to his wife Rose Hall. George died young and Rose get married 3 more times.

At 72 years old, Rose died and the house is owned by John Palmer and his wife Annie Mae Patterson, known as the white witch of Rose Hall.

Annie had a dark side, all her life was based on blood, torture. her parents died in Haiti when she was 11 years old and an old woman, a priestess, adopted her. Annie learned a lot of black magic, learned how to manipulate people. When she arrived to this house, she had more than 2000 slaves under her control.  She enjoyed making slaves suffer, killing their kids, using their bones for magical spells.

When slave revolution arrived to Rose Hall house in 1831, they killed the white witch, cut her body in pieces and trowing the body trough the windows. Annie were burried without any name next to the house in tomb with 3 crosses on the top to avoid more magic.

Actually, we don’t really know all the true about this story but the legend is still alive. The house is really beautiful and I highly recommend you to visit it.

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