We don’t always have to time to visit all we want when we travel to Riviera Maya. I know quite well, that’s why I want you to recommend 3 beautiful places as MUST.

1. Yal-Ku Lagoon

It’s a small piece of paradise on Earth. This place is very special because it’s where sea water  and sweet water, this phenomen is called “Haloclina”. Underwater life is amazing in this laggon , the fishes are beautiful and you can spend the day there.

2. Mayas Caves

You must choose the way you’re going to visit it. The first one is walking and the other one is swimming. We did it with our heads underwater and the feeling was just priceless. The experience is unique and it’s 100% safe. It’s hard for me to transmit my feelings when I was there, you must do it.

3. The “Cenotes”

Cenotes are underground lagoons produces by the filtration of water in the rocks. You’re in the middle of the forrest, the water is sweet and you don’t have to be scared of the animals because you’ll only find small fishes and crabs.


You’ll find much more activities to do in Riviera Maya that you can book from the hotel. I asked the hotel where we slept, the Grand Palladium Riviera Resort & Spa and we had a really good time. If you prefer to relax, just chill in the Resort enjoying the weather, the great costumer service and enjoying yourself. 



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