One of the reason I love to travel is to take amazing pictures of my trips. I’m always looking new kinds of pics to inspire myself.

Yesterday, I found this platform called GigaPan where you can upload very heavy pictures. There’s a picture from LaManga, spain with 401.72 GigaPixels. It’s the biggest picture in the world and it’s made in Spain.

They took 20 days to upload this pictures on the net. It’s the main picture of this post, right now it doesn’t have the same resolution that on GigaPan where you can zoom in it and see people working on the roofs or fields.

This other pictures is Shangai with 272.31 gigapixels, if you log in the platform you can find the color of the heels of the woman walking in the street, can you see her? ;)

I’m going to make more reseach about this kind of pictures, because i don’t think a simple camera can make this pictures. It’s Awesome!



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