You’re about to flight and you’re going to spend more than 6 hours in it?

All the companies do their best to make your flight lighter, it’s not always easy to stay in the same place for hours and hours… These are my tips so you can get to destination rest and fine,

1. Look for comfort
Doesn’t matter the reason of your trip, bring with you a tracksuit and a pair of socks so you can remove your shoes. Sports suits are the best for travelling.

2. Entertain youself
Charge all your electronic devices with books, movies, music and games. Most of the planes have their own screen with a lot of entertainment if you forget your devices. And remember that you can also speak to other people who are travelling alone.

3. Sleep
If you have troubles to sleep, it will depend on where you’re sitting. I always recommend the window so you can sleep without disturbing anyone and won’t get disturbed by others. I’m not fan about pills to sleep but it depends on you.

4. No stress
You’re in the plane and nothing will make it land faster so just relax, and don’t count the hours.

5. Food on board
Food in planes are poor and bad specially if you travel to Asia… Eating is one of the best passtime when travelling. Bring some cookies, chocolate and your own food… Time will pass faster.



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