Losing a camara during a trip is maybe one of the worst feelings in the world. Suddenly, you don’t know where you left it, maybe in a shop or in a bar. Wait, you left it in the cab!!

And now what? These are my tips to try to find your camara

The camara as an object is not really the problem, it’s more about your pictures of all your trip.

On Twitter:
Use these 2 hashtags:

Always use both on the same tweet to reach more users. If you found the cam, download any picture of it and tweet it. It will be much easier for the owners to find their camara.

On Facebook:

You can find a lot of groups about found and lost objects.
For camaras you have:



Captu9875ra(click on the pictures to get there)

If you are in Ibiza, you’ll find pages of found and lost objects like this one:


Finally, according to your camara, you can add metadata to all your pictures and to your camara.

For Canon, find this option:

metadataImg_1(Copyright information)

For last, register you camara on the official website (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, etc…) with the serial number. This can maybe help to find it.



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