If you never left your country and you’re just dying for doing it, you must read this. You’ll have a lot of questions: where to go? How long? What do I want to see?…

For me, travelling is like a personal project where I’m going to work hard to make what I really want.

Follow the next steps so you won’t forget anything

What do you want to see?
If you even don’t know where to go, you have a big problem! You can choose between sea, mountain as a backpacker in Europe, Africa, America or wherever you want.

Think about:
What do you like
What’s your budget
Look for something out of your confort zone

Let’s use an example, you’re travelling 2 months in Europe:
- Choose your cities
- How long in each cities
- Kind of transport
- Where to sleep
- Things to see in each cities

Normally, the mos expensive plans are easier but according to your budget you’ll always find cheapest options.

No excuse, travel and save money to do it!



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