The feeling that comes from inside and you can’t control. You absolutly know that everything will be fine but you’re scared. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one with this fear.

The power of your mind is unlimited but you have to learn to control it because the feeling can increase and you’ll never get in a plane in your life.

This is how you must act the beat your fears:

Positives thoughts:
- You’re not afraid of the plane, it’s what you think when you get into it.
- Taxi, landings must happen and turbulences are normal
- Fears changes reality
- Think different and find logical reasons of the factsç

And Remember:
- Read and get info in trusted sources to understand your fears
- Look for relaxation techniques
- The fear of flying isn’t a phobia, you can take over.

Check out this small documentary in spanish “En alas del miedo” that explains real well this fear.

And you see that you can’t make by your own, find a specific therapy center to take over, just like



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