If you’re like me it means that you love to travel, making money just to discover other countries.

Spanish are not in the ranking, we are travellers but not as much as these others:

1. Chine
Chinese tourism is growing, since they open bit more their borders Chinese are travelling much more. In only 10 years, the passed being 10 millions travellers to 83 millions. They spent 102 billions en 2012, 40% more than 2011.

2. Germany
The european economic power loves to travel too. Looking at the market share, Spain is the second country where they fly after Austria.

3. United States
1 of 3 american have already traveled to Mexico. In 2012, 60 millions of United States Citizens left their country for holidays. Europe is ranked as the third favorite place.

4. United Kindom
The country with the biggest number of travelers. It’s one of the most important market for tourism. Currency helps them to travel easier too.

5. Russia
This country is crowing much more than China. In one year, between 2011 and 2012 they spent 32% more. This value places Russia in the top 5.



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