Thousands of people pass daily through airports and it is really safe, but sometimes depending on where are you located you can have bad experiences with unknown people who can try to steal your luggage or try to lie to you when they want you to hold their luggage.

In my case, once when I was in the Madrid airport, somebody almost steal my baggage when I was waiting in the baggage belt, but luckily I could take it on time.

Since that time I always pay attention to that and I try to protect my baggage more than before, so if you don’t want that it happens to you either I will give you my opinion about it and my point of view of how I manage with it now.

  • Don’t be far from your luggage.

I know that you are tired of listening this at the airport, but not everyone pay attention to this at the end.

  • Take a photo to your luggage after weighting it so you can prove and compare it

Is very important that you take that photo of your suitcase weight so afterwards if you have a problem, no one can accuse you.

  • Take a photo to your travel tag

It no necessary that you take the photo with a professional camera is more than enough with the camera of your phone.

  • Send all photos that you have already taken to your family so you can have a backup of it.
  • Use a safe lock.

 For example, in USA you can use a lock with a red rhombus approved by the TSA so only the authorities can open it without causing any damage in your baggage.

  • Go to the airline offices

If you wait and wait and your luggage does not show up go ASAP to the airlines offices, there will be always staff who will try to help you.

  • Never take a luggage that does not belong to you

Be careful. No matter if people tell you to hold their luggage for a few minutes because they go to the toilet or because they want to do something else with it. Always say NO!

  •  Never declare without a lawyer.

Is very important that you always declare with a lawyer so he or she can help you with the process.

  • If you take medicaments with you take the prescription with your name also.

Is important that you always travel with the prescription because some medicaments could be illegal in other countries.

  • If you are abroad, you should never declare without the consular protection support.



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