One month ago I came back from one of my trips to Jamaica, this time because my friend Diego who lives in the island wanted me to go there and visit him

Also, he told me about the incredible waterfalls that you can find in the island. Therefore, I tried to adapt my schedule of work so I could make a new expedition to the Caribbean island and discover that part of the island that I didn´t know.

I made a research before going and the results I founded were really attractive to me.

When I arrived at Gran Palladium Jamaica and I was doing the check in, I asked about the waterfalls. The girl who was in the front desk was really nice with me and she organized the tour with one of the agencies. The truth was that they have everything really coordinate for tourists so they can move safely.

I took four days off and during these days I had the time to discover three waterfalls: Reggae, Reach and Fishdone waterfalls. They are not really well known as the Dunn waterfalls but definitely, they are worth it.

1.Reggae waterfalls

These waterfalls are located in the south of the island, in Hillside in St. Thomas, a small village surrounded by nature.

We went there to discover the area and we had to walk through a river till we arrived to the waterfalls. The local people use the water like a natural healing of wounded.

From the top of the waterfall, the feeling is incredible! But you should be careful with the sliding rocks. If I had to give you an advice: I will say, listen always to the local people. They know the environment very well.

2.Reach waterfalls

These falls were discovered by runaway slaves from plantations in the neighboring parish of St Thomas, who sought refuge in the hills of the John Crow mountains. And without any doubts, it is a relaxing place in a pure forest with an incredible vegetation.

The guide tried to go to the top of the waterfall and all of us who were in my group, ended in a fantastic cave, where there was a small waterfall inside of it.

3. Fishdone falls

These falls are located on a private coffee plantation near Buff Bay. They are surrounded by rainforest, and even though we had to walk a lot till you get there, it worth it!

The property consists of the falls, gardens and a small museum owned and operated by Maroon Colonel Lumsden. What I liked the most was the museum because they explain you with details everything about the Maroon history’s and tradition’s. Near the museum is the Asafu yard where Maroon meet for festivals.

The falls are amazing as well as the rest of the island and definitely, wonderful places that you should visit in Jamaica!



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