A couple of days ago I met Dani, one of my childhood friends and who I haven´t seen for years. Dani loves climbing and when he has free time and he is not working in his small online marketing company he goes out in order to enjoy the pure nature and for practicing his favorite sport.

He proposed me to make a different plan on Sunday, and it was about practicing climbing in the Na Xamena cliff which is located in the north of our island and it is one of the biggest routes with more than 140 meters in total.

I accepted his invitation because I had experience with it although I did not practice this sport for a while. This Sunday, we took our backpacks with all the necessary things for our adventure together and of course we took our sunglasses, sun cream, because even it was at the end of May, was very hot. Moreover, we caught the first aid kit, altimeter and compass, rope, helmet, climbing shoes, harness, long tape three carabiners etc.

So last Sunday we started in a small town which is called San Lorenzo, and we went through the countryside and finally we passed next to San Miguel till we arrived to Portixol and from there we started a descent through an amazing path with access to the cliffs and this is the place where we can find several sectors on cliff climbing as more accessible terrain.

 Once we got there, we found that the foot access of the route can be done in two different ways. The first one with four rappels by neighboring Pachamama via or from the beach access which some people warned us that it is “difficult” and that it is through one down climbing from the sea. We chose the second one and to be honest it wasn´t easy for both.

 Once we started climbing the most difficult sections were found halfway and although we did not stop, there were some stretches where my feet did not stop to tremble because it difficult, but you just have to have the motivation to achieve it

Despite the effort you have to do physically. I have to say it´s worth it and the feeling of being close to the sea is rewarding. And if you do not know the island well I recommend you to contact with Ibiza Mundo Activo because they organize outdoor climbing  at weekends so you could go with them to Na Xamena for a reasonable price.

 In conclusión, I recommend you to do it if you love this sport and of course, if you come to Ibiza but you should choose windy days so you can find less damp in the wall.



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