I have already planned to go for diving in Los LLadó next month. Los Lladó are two small islands 4 km far from the Ibiza port. Last year, I was with my brother Raúl there; with who I normally I go for diving since I was a child and with who I have some really good memories.

Both of us we decided to contact with centro de buceo Scuba Ibiza which is located in La Marina Botafoch, and because some people had spoken very well about the center. They rent a really good diving equipment so we didn´t have to worry for anything.

The route of Scuba Ibiza that day was Lladó Sur and when we arrived there we moored to a mooring buoy 5 meters.   When we descending the views were incredible, the feeling of going down to a deep water is unique. We continued going down till minus 20 meters by a small rocky slope.

From there (minus 20 meters) we kept going till minus 30 meters till we left el Llado on the right side and we climb to the cave (8 meters). The route is spectacular, we saw a lot of octopus, starfish and all kind of fish. Truthfully, I do relaxing dive. Finally, reaching 8 meters, we find a tunnel 2 meters wide and 5 meters high and it is from there that we started to cross to  the other side of Lladó. One by one, safety first!

I waited till my brother went through it first and then I followed him because the tunnel gave me a lot of respect and it was the first time I pass through a cave. We could pass the tunnel smoothly and the monitors instructions were really clear.

Finally, we went out we did not have so much air left and we could not stay much longer there, so we come back soon to our boat. That day was really intensive and with strong feelings. Without any doubts one of the best places for doing dive.

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