Campfire, friends and beach!! One of my favorite nights is coming: San Juan’s Night.
Every 23th of June, we celebrate summer solstice when we make a campfire on the beach. It’s a very popular tradition all over the Mediterranean coast.

Here in Ibiza,  you have different plans. You can go to Sant Joan town in the North where you’ll find traditional folk dancing and games, concerts, and lots of traditional food and wine will be on offer. Bonfires and fireworks are an important part of this fiesta, including a ceremony involving the young men jumping over small fires.

You can also go to Talamanca Beach downtown and enjoy this great moment with your toes in the sand.

Let me give you 6 tips for the Night of San Juan:

1. Eat “Macarrons” in San Joan, Bunyols and drink Vi pagès.

2. Jump the 9 firecamps at midnight

3. Midnight bathing at Talamanca

4. Write on a paper 3 things you want to change in your life and burn it.

5. During the night, light red candles next your bed to find love during summer.

6. Close your eyes and make a wish.
It’s a very special night to me, see you on the beach for San Juan’s Night!!



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