I have relatives, friends, that suffer anxiety before starting a journey.

For example, my aunt Rafa suffers this a few days before going on vacation and my cousins have to reassure her and I always say that before visiting a new and unfamiliar place you have to make sure that you have the answers to the following questions in order to travel without any stress.

So, if you feel identified and also it has happened to you, then pay attention to these responses.


Do you need visa? Do you have to pay taxes?

The issue of whether you need a visa or not is obvious, but sometimes we forget that some countries also require transit visa (like the US) or some other type of permit if your scale is longer (such as China).

If your flight has scales, be sure to find out if the countries where you go require transit visa. Also, you should investigate whether taxes are included in the ticket or if you must pay them apart: it is not a good idea to get stuck and lose your flight back because you ran out of money for the departure tax.


Can you speak the local language?

If you only speak Spanish, let me tell you that you should buy a book, app with local vocabulary if not you will say : I want to die! Once and again.

And if you speak English fluently, you should check if this language is used in the place that you are gonna visit.

For example: it is not the same to speak English in Germany that a large percentage of the population speaks fluently than to go to Italy where the percentage is lower. But also it depends on the particular area where you go and other factors.


What kind of food should I try? Where to go?

I advise you to have an open mind when you test new products, local food, and not just eat fast food because is something that you know you will like.

So, open your mind and try new things, because if you never give them a chance, you will never know if you really like it or not

And about the places you must visit, Please do not forget your “bucket list” ! and also download a map of the destination and points proximity and closeness sites that are located in the same area, to maximize time. Remember that long journeys only do once in life, do not waste time!


What is the weather like?

Before packing your luggage, do internet searches about the weather forecast for the days you’ll be traveling.

Moreover, consider factors such as humidity and wind, which can greatly affect the perception of the climate. I guess nobody wants to spend the worst vacation ever, so, for example, do not go to India during the monsoon season, when rains are frequent throughout the day. Please, take the time to do your research!


What socket should I use?

Think that there are 15 types of sockets worldwide, is not the same the one in London than the one in US or in Spain, for example.

So if you run out of battery make sure you have the right socket. And if you are like those people who do not like to complicate their lifes so much, directly buy a universal adapter and stop thinking about the answer to this question.

Have you read my answers? Have you taken note of this? And if the answer is yes, put into practice and enjoy your next trip! ;)



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