In one of my trips to Jamaica with a best friend, I visited the Mausoleum of Bob Marley, one of those places I´ve always wanted to go, but for lack of time I couldn´t go before.

We started the trip in Lucea, as we were staying at the Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa and from there we drove a car that we rented toward Nine Mile, which is where the mausoleum is located. (Approximately it took 2 hours, 134 km away)

Once we got there, we were impressed because the first thing we saw were huge coffee plants and fruit trees around the entire house. Later, they explained us that they were part of sustenance vegetarian singer, plus a piece of land that is dedicated to the cultivation of marijuana Marley that is used for own consumption.

Then we decided to spend some time with local people who were close and after that we had even more curiosity of see how was everything. They spoke with us about the place, and after the conversation we could not wait to know everything

Then once you’re inside, you realize quickly that a great musical legend lived there for how the atmosphere is. You can find there walls disks, messages from fans which have been leaving for years there, pictures of him singing etc

In fact, what impressed us the most was the place where is buried the body of the man with dreadlocks, exactly the tomb rises about 6 meters above ground level and also you can see the kitchen and the pillow rock, the one that the singer mentioned in the song Talkin ‘Blues “Cold ground was my bed last night” (bed last night). The route is accompanied with reggae music.

Finally, when we finished the tour in about two hours and we decided to eat in a restaurant with vegetarian and healthy food that is close by the house.

Without any doubt, we were delighted with the tour and was worth asking for the tour information in our hotel as everything went perfect.



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