If you like to travel as much as  I do, I recommend you to find out information about the place you are going to visit in advance, even before you buy the ticket.

Normally, you should have enough information about the culture, tradition, customs and curiosities of the place. Therefore, I would like to share these important facts about well-known places that you could be interested in.

1. Mount Everest, Nepal has a height of 8,848 above the sea. But I’m sure what you did not know is that every year grows 4 mm and also annually moves slightly to his right.

2. While the growth spurt occurs Everest, Mexico City is sinking about 10 centimeters per year.

3. The London Underground was the first subway in the world. Quite a hit in 1863 despite the large amount of smoke was in the stations and tunnels because of this machinery.

4. Each one of the boats to stroll through Venice in Italy, is made of 280 pieces of 8 different types of wood.

5. The “Swiss guard” of the Vatican, in Italy, still wears the uniform inspired by the Renaissance by the famous painter Raphael.

6. Table Mountain in South Africa, actually looks like a table with a tablecloth over. Since it is covered on top with finely orographic clouds.

7. La Muralla China, the world’s largest military construction, is also the world’s largest cemetery, since some 10 million workers died during construction; and they were buried nearby.



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