As I have already spoken on other occasions, I consider myself as a passionate fan running and today I would like to tell you the three mistakes I think are the most common when we train and it influences in any physical activity we do.

 Although today we have more than enough information about train, especially on internet, there are many people who keep making mistakes and, therefore, do not get the goals and objectives proposed.

 These are the three most common mistakes people make when training.

1) intensity.

One of the mistakes people often make is to always train at the same intensity, because normally the body adapts to the level that we want very quickly. This causes the body to adapt to that stimulus, that efficiency gains and it makes that you burn fewer calories.

I propose every day run at different speeds eg one day faster, the next slower, another day with intervals for example, but above all change the speed every day.

 2) Rest

 Many times, we try to get in shape very quickly and this can result in an overtraining. When this happens, it can cause injury.

Therefore, we must have to plan the workload and rest so we won´t injure us.

  3) Technical

 To have a good technique in any sport you have to carefully look at the technique, not only for efficiency but to prevent possible injury. If one day we do a bad example executed exercise nothing happens, but if you do it for weeks, months or even years at the end you can injure yourself.

 So if you have decided to train, make sure you first do the exercises and disciplines or lesioned end up correctly.



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