Nowadays travel without our mobile is something essential, so as we traveled with it almost everywhere. In addition, the technology can help us in certain situations that we face when we travel and even if you have an adventurous spirit, as is mine, is always good that we plan a little our trips so we should use useful tools that are at our disposal.

Consequently, I would like to share with you other apps that I consider very useful and maybe can get you out of trouble on your next trip.

1) Flight Tracker (Free)

It is one of the best flight tracking applications as it provides you information about flights worldwide and you can even receive alerts via notifications is your device.

2) AroundMe (Free)

 This app provides you with any kind of establishment you’re looking for, as pharmacies, ATMs, hospitals, hotels etc. With AroundMe you never have the feeling that you’re lost!

3) Diana (Free)

 It is one of those apps that reflects your tastes and helps you find those establishments that are in line with your preferences. So perhaps this app, you can find your favorite dish at your next destination.

4) Photo Translator (Free)

 If you are in a country where you do not understand the language, do not worry because you Photo Translator translates any text by a simple photograph. Ideal for use in airports, train stations, restaurant menus etc

5) Wifi-Finder (Free)

 Wi-Finder is an application that shows you all free WiFi networks around you and you can use it in more than six hundred locations in 144 countries.



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