August is one of those months that is part of the peak summer season and find a vacation destination that is not crowded in order to relax, it is not a easy task.

So, if you’re thinking of going on vacation this month, these are the destinations that I recommend you to realize the dreams forged for months and disconnect completely.


In Asturias you will find beaches, mountains in the same destination and is one of those places where you never get tired of visiting. Also, Asturias offers a variety of hotels, so you can find for example the Ayre Hotels (Ayre Hotel Alfonso II, Ayre Hotel Ramiron I and Ayre Hotel Oviedo) where you can enjoy a fantastic stay.



In Galicia you will find a green paradise. In addition, you will find delicious seafood, beaches and open spaces that make Galicia a unique place.


Auvergne, France.

This region is ideal to enjoy nature, beautiful landscapes and to disconnect completely. Also, you can visit churches, monasteries, spectacular medieval castles and so on.


Black Forest, Germany

Black Forest, is one of the, ideal for outdoor activities in the lakes Titisee and Schluchsee and enjoy a dream vacation most striking locations throughout Germany.




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