Waiting at airports sometimes is something we can not avoid due to certain factors, however there are others which are in our hands.

These are the 5 tips that I would like to share with you to reduce the time in airports:

 1) Make the check-in with your mobile device.

Today, most airlines have an application where you can make your check-in and download boarding passes, so you do not have to wait long queues at the airport.

2) Avoid traveling during peak season.

Usually airports have activity peaks at certain times of the week and the year so you can find more people than usual there and everything takes twice as long. Therefore, choose good the date of the flight when you buy it.

 3) Prepare your luggage well.

I recommend you take a look on the website of the airline before preparing the suitcase, so you know in advance the list of restrictions that you have to avoid.

4) Spend quick security check.

Use comfortable clothes and shoes that you can take off and put on easily. I also recommend you separate your metal objects in advance to save time.

5) Do not wait for your bags.

If your trip is short try to put everything in your hand luggage and in your bag. However, if the journey is long mark your suitcases with a color ribbon or any other object so that you can easily identify it.



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