If you like dangerous adventures there are many places around the world where you can enjoy it enormously, but as long as you do not get too close when you visit them.

These natural sites will leave you astounded and are not suitable for people with vertigo or heart problems.

These are the ones that I have already visited:

Trift bridge, (Swizerland)

The Trift Bridge is located in the Swiss Alps and is one of the highest and longest suspension bridges in the world. It was built on the Trift Glacier Valley and has more than 170 meters long over 100 meters high. Without a doubt, is one of the most impressive natural sites in the world!



The Hussaini bridge (Pakistan)

Is it like a real bridge? No one is quite sure of that and every step you take on requires a lot of concentration and especially you have to not lose faith.

This bridge crosses Lake Borit northern Pakistan in Pasu. So if you like excitement then this place is ideal for you, but do not forget that is a very rudimentary bridge with ropes and you may not be able to reach across it: S



3) The pulpit (Norway)

It is one of the most vertiginous viewpoints of the Norwegian fjords. It is located 600 meters above Lysefjorden and forms one of the most spectacular landscapes of northern Europe. From there you can have really impressive photos.

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4)Devil´s pool.

This pool is located in Vitoria waterfalls and is not suitable for people who suffer from vertigo. The views from there are amazing because it has a height of over 100 meters and fall million liters of water per minute.



5) The Kjerag montain.

This mountain is located in the county of Rogaland and there we can find a rock on top from where you can take amazing photos. The whole area is surrounded by very steep cliffs and even get to the top is not easy is definitetly worth it.




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