Jamaica is one of those Caribbean islands that has a lot to offer. It has a long history of pirates and privateers, reggae and of course, the Rastafarians. What most often impress people are: beaches, rivers and music in general.

I have had the opportunity to go to this island repeatedly and today I would like to share with you a very mysterious and unique place, the luminous lagoon in Montego Bay.

This stunning place is located next to Martha Brae River and close to the resort where I stayed. It is the Jamaica The Grand Palladium Resorts & Spa that has a very modern design and the setting is unbeatable.

The luminous lagoon is a magical place, a marvel of Mother Nature. The waters surrounding by the lagoon create a spectacular phenomenon being agitated. All this happens because near the pond there is a curious little phosphorescent microbe that lives in its waters. The constant movement of the water causes the microbes to move and shine with stunning color neon green. Something fantastic, right?

The phosphorescence is so marked that when you are there and see the fish swimming in the lagoon, look like they are stars in motion.

Furthermore, this phenomenon of microbial phosphorescence can be observed only in four locations around the world, and Jamaica Luminous Lagoon is considered the best place in the world to live this dazzling experience.

To get there is very easy, because you just have to take a night cruise. These are offered at night as it is when the glossy effect of microbes is more intense and approximately $ 20 per person you can enjoy this show. The trip takes 45 minutes and you can have the ticket in Falmouth. Are you up?

Here you have some photos ;)


glistening-waters-blue-sea - copia



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