Have you ever visited museums of contemporary art? For me it is one of the key places that I like to visit in big cities.

What I enjoy the most in these museums, is the fact that I can interpret the works and try to guess by imagination what the authors wanted to capture . In fact in more than one occasion with friends is that everyone had a different perception of the same work and the best of it is to give your opinion after the analysis.

Some of the museums I have visited are these ones:

Tate Modern, London.

This museum is known internationally and is one of those places that impresses even without having gone inside the building. It is located behind the famous gallery South Bank, south of the Thames and there you can find works by artists of the twentieth century, such as Pablo Picasso, Joseph Beuys and Mark Rothko. The admission to the museum is free.

One of the works you must visit is July 1972 Francis Bacon triptych. It is one of the most striking and I recommend you to visit if one eday you visit this museum.

Reina Sofia, Madrid.

Reina Sofia is one of the most important in Madrid and in the world. This is housed in the former Hospital of San Carlos and one of the advantages is that you can visit for free most days the museum but depends on the schedule.

Once there you can find collections of Spanish painters that are really important such as Pablo Picasso, Dali and Miro. The most famous painting is the Picasso’s Guernica.

Centre Pompidou, Paris.

It is also known as Beaubourg, and contains one of the finest collections of modern and contemporary art in the world. The museum building is one of the most extravagant in Paris . Is worth it to visit and see the peculiar appearance. The first Sunday of the month, the admission is free.

It contains more than 76,000 works of art both modern and contemporary and among the most prominent artists are Aguessy Aires Mateus or Kossi, plus consecrated as Francis Bacon or Jonh Cage artists.

Moma, New York

The Moma is one of the most important museums in the world. The works as well known as Starry Night of Van Gogh, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon by Picasso, The Persistence of Memory Dali and Miro Dutch interior. This museum offers visitors free admission on Fridays from 4 to 8 pm. This museum is one of those places that you must visit if you are in New York.



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