Are you thinking about participating in a race? For do this is not only necessary to have motivation you need a physical and mental preparation also. That’s why today I would like to give you some tips that I have found very useful.

Here are some tips that I give you:


1) Get enough rest before the race

I know that sounds obvious, but still there are many people who do not do that and it is essential for making a good race. I recommend being at least a week without doing speed workouts to give the best of yourself and avoid injury.


2)Warm up before the race. 

Preheat the race is essential and just do it for about 10 minutes. The first kilometer should run slightly softer then take your pace.


3) Eat breakfast before the race

Breakfast before the event is a must, although I recommend you do it 1 hour and 30 ‘or 2 hours before the race. This food is very important because for a career long need a lot of energy.

I recommend a light breakfast, but not in small quantities. For example, carbohydrates slow assimilation or media such as biscuits, cereals, bread, muesli or fruit like bananas; It includes some protein such as ham, turkey, tuna or eggs and accompany it with a juice. After a breakfast and you’ll be unstoppable!

4) Prepare everything you need the day before

Do not be lazy and leave everything to the last minute !. Try to preparing all the day before to be ready for the day of the competition, this perhaps can avoid you to be late!


And that´s all. I hope you like for your next career… and good luck!



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