Do you love looking at the sky to see the stars, constellations and even the Milky Way? Do you enjoy doing astrotourism?

This practice is becoming increasingly fashionable and for me is an activity that I love because it combines culture, science and the nature. So today I’d like to show you some places where you can enjoy the best of this practice.

1) Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park, Spain.

The Spanish national park includes the Galician islands Ons, Cies, Cortegada and Sálvora. Last January, this place has become the second destination Starlight in the region and is an unspoiled natural space where you can enjoy spectacular nights on the beach under a star-covered mantle.

Here I leave a video to give you an idea:

Video Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park.


2) Namibrand Nature Reserve, Namibia.

This nature reserve is located in southwest Namibia, Namib Desert and is one of the largest private reserves in Africa. In addition, this place is the first certification of international reserves of dark skies of the continent.


3) Death Valley, North America

This natural park is located southeast of California and is the driest region of North America. From there you can see one of the best night skies of the world that I am sure that will surprise you and you will want stop time. In addition, this park has a dark skies certification by the International Dark Sky Association.


4) La Palma Island, Spain

This island was one of the first places to get the certificate Starlight in Spain and there you can find some of the best observatories in the world. In addition to that, there is a network of astronomical viewpoints.

1366_2000 - copia

Are you up to enjoy the night observation?




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